» My wallet will cry again

Last Friday a friend told me there was Pokémon toys on McDonalds and I spent an hour spamming about it on Twitter. :3c

It’s really weird seeing pokémon stuff here because I think people isn’t actually really interested on things like games or pokémon; so I’m really glad to see these toys on McDonalds. ;~;

Anyways, yesterday I went to buy a happy meal even though I shouldn’t be eating burgers because I was sick AHAHEHAHEAH I’LL DO ANYTHING TO GET THESE

I picked Tepig and the Oshawoot belongs to my friend.

Also the toys come with trading cards! I got a Dewoot

And these are the rest of the toys.

(full image in case tumblr crops it)



how does shiu sempai come up with clothes ideas?

I google korean fashion on google and I try to get ideas from there. Also Pixiv is a good inspiration. :3c


have shiu sempai ever had the problem of drawing too much with the tablet and find it hard to draw traditional?

I actually did… if fact I get used to draw digitally so I find it more easy and confortable than drawing traditionally. 878

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t draw traditionally. I always carry my sketch notebook with me~


Hello Shiu <3 Actually, I have nothing to ask of you… I just wanted to let you know I loved your art like crazy ; 7 ; It always makes me so happy when looking at it… please keep up ♥ In addition, you are such a lovely person //sob It’s both a pleasure and a honour to stalk you! ° v ° Well, that’s it orz;; Have a nice day ♥

Ahhhhh thank you so much!! I’m really glad to hear that! (/ 7 \)// Come here, let me chu you!! /slapped—


Could you please as a Halloween treat, do a detailed tutorial on how you color your hair. I would be eternally grateful

I tried;;


You state that your ethnic background is 1/3 Spanish, 1/3 Italian and 1/3 Argentinian. The way I see it, any nationality’s “share” in your ancestry is a multiple of 1/(2^n), since that is what a single ancestor in the n-th generation before yours contributes. That is, x/(2^n)=1/3. There is no solution to this such that x and n are integers. So this doesn’t really add up. Care to clarify?

I’m just argentinian. That’s what matters.


Shui how do you color your eyes? ; o ;

It’s explained here ;7; ;;


shiu, who are you voting for the next president ? u W u

I’m assuming you’re talking about US elections but I don’t even live on US. _(:3 」∠)_


shiu, do you know gangnam style? /SHOT;;
Yep, actually now everyone in this country knows about it, which it’s really weird because no one pays attention to japanese/korean things here;;