» Cosplay at Animextreme 2012

Yesterday my friends and I went to a local conventions and we had our debut as cosplay team, even though each of us was cosplaying a character from different series.

(from the picture on the top) Characters and cosplayers are, from left to right: me as Reimu, Ani as TYL!Chrome, Mari-chan as Triple-H!Himari, Hika as Perona, Kyyhky as JBF!Luka, Lore as Alice (Pandora Hearts) and Gaby-chan as Wonderland!Miku.

Also Thank you, Ivi for being our official photographer ww

Wow they look like a ladies!… and there’s me as well. (we were almost killed by mosquitos in that picture, except me because mosquitos can’t bit me /tehepero)

They looked really beautiful!

Also Gaby-chan and I got really excited when we found this Gamzee cosplayer!! It’s really weird finding HS fans in my hometown. Also she was super nice and she told us she’s planning doing more HS cosplays!

Thank god I was wearing a skirt, because it was super hot yesterday!

(I took this photo from one of the photographers)

Also I promised my sister I would take a picture of myself drinking coke.

My sister and I don’t make sense.

And Croi gave me these. I can’t believe a have my own Kyuubey now to make contract with— THANK YOU SO MUCH CROI DLAKDJLASJFDSF——-

Anyways, there wasn’t anything else interesting, but we finished the day having dinner all together (well, most of us) at Mari-chan’s house. It was a really great and funny day!