» This was one of my best purchases this year

As I said, I bought a copy of Jin’s Children Record and I received it last Saturday. Luckily I could get the limited edition with included the booklet!

(re-using picture oops)

If you’re interested, I bought this on CDJapan, however, they sold out the limited edition so the regular edition is the only one available now.

The packaging, the design, the colors, the songs, the videos—- everything about this single is beautiful//

You know I really like this combination of colors//

As you know, the CD included Children Record and Gunjou Rain and their instrumentals. (That’s the only reason why I tried to cover Children Record ww;). And the DVD includes Children Record and Kisaragi Attention’s PVs.

That little booklet on the cd/dvd box also includes the lyrics of Children Record and Gunjou Rain!

And the booklet! You don’t know how much I love this picture. <O> <O>///

The first page is the summary. The next two pages are Jin’s comments about the songs. And then the profiles:

Soda-chan looks pretty good here heh—

Shion so pretty… 8~8///

I’m glad because now I have good references of Azami.

The next pages are Gunjou Rain’s manga. You can already read it online so there’s no need to take pictures.

Anyways, this was a really REALLY good purchase. I’d say the best of the year, but I still have to buy pokémon BW2 ahahHAHAWHAHAEWW.

My wallet will cry.