I’m trying to save money to go to AX next year, so I put some adoptables on auction, one of them is a custom (which means I’ll design a character for you).

For more info, please visit my dA » HERE

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★ yuu-lin’s commissions 

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all commissions are fully coloured.

Waist-up! ★£18 ($30) - - examples:    

To order:

  • E-mail to lin-coban@hotmail.co.uk with details of your desired commission piece!
  • I will then ask you to pay my Paypal email. (private)

IMPORANT: When paying through Paypal please make sure to send it to “Friends and Family” thus avoiding unnecessary paypal fees! 

I am willing to draw:

  • ▲ Humans
  •  Fanart
  •  OCs

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Hi guys!! Just updating my commission information, as I will only be doing waist-up right now and had to change the prices a little bit, hope they are not unreasonable! I usually take a week or less to finish a commission (unless unable to) and takes me about 3-5 hours each time. 

Even if you can’t order please spread the word around! I’m really in need to extra cash right now as I’m graduating soon and have no job guarantee.

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Coloring crystals was harder than I thought but it was fun at least!!


I finally got to watch frozen today and i really liked it!! \(^o^)/

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I’m still not sure about the future of Inazuma Eleven, but I got into this fandom thanks to the anime (and their shotas with weird hairstyles) and knowing it’s over makes me nostalgic already.

Inazuma cheered me up so many times and thanks to this fandom I met a lot of wonderful people and friends and even if it sounds silly it made me improve as an artist too. I’m so thankful with this show I cannot even explain it with words.

Thank you so much, Inazuma Eleven.


Today was super fun!! It was the best ranmasa day I’ve ever had.

Sorry for all the spam today, but I really do love ranmasa so much.

I love ranmasa so much it hurts

More doodles  三┌(┌ ^ω^)┐

Kariya Masaki no pajamas saga.

(middle click for full view!!)