princess kuroo wants you to save him except no one’s gonna save you princess kuroo get out

Didn’t draw too much this week ww;;;;


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Comics I do at 3am. Tonight’s theme was hairstyle/haircut.

God bless hq 69min and its prompts.

Drawing Reimu is always so fun and relaxing ughh I love drawing Reimu so much. _(:3」 ∠)_

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Some short (and really lame) animations I did. (´•௰• `;)

Hello, everyone!!

I’ve decided to open some chibi commissions on tumblr in order to rise money to attend AX next year.

It will open only 4 slots for now (first come, first served!!), but I’ll add a waitlist so I’ll contact people who is still interested in commission me once I finish the first batch.

For more info and how to order please click here.

Thank you for reading!!