» Stickers Preorders!!

By the way, preorders for Love Live! and Haikyuu stickers are closing today at 9 PM (UTC/GMT -3 hours)

Since finals are coming and I have to focus on studying, I don’t think I’m reprinting these soon, so now it’s your chance!

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My favorite love live cards for sure

» Standard shipping added

Since many people kept asked about it, I added standard shipping to my store. But please keep in mind I can’t do too much if your order gets lost in the process. I still highly recommend using Certified Mail as shipping method.

Also, if people who already preordered wants to cancel the order and order again using the standard shipping, feel free to email me.

Thanks for reading!

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i don't want to be a hardass about shipping and pricing so i'm sorry for asking this but i'm really curious-- why is it 8.50 to ship a single sticker?

It’s ok! I’m pretty sure a lot of people is asking the same thing.

I’m aware shipping is kinda pricey, but being totally honest, argentinian post service is an ass and mail get lost (or they even steal it) 50% of the time. That’s why i opted to ship stickers with certified mail, to make sure no one will steal the mail + having a tracking number makes things safer.

I apologize for opted for this shipping method, but I really do not want orders get lost and people lose their money.

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» Love Live! Stickers are now open for preorders on my store! «

Haikyuu! stickers are back for preorder too! So if you missed the last preorder, this is your chance!

Preorders for both sets will be open until October 12th.

(Also, I’m shipping the last batch of stickers tomorrow morning! Thank you everyone for being so patient!)

[yamaguchi voice]


Will you still be selling HQ!! stickers once your store reopens?

Yep, they will be available again!

Working on some Love Live stickers!! Hopefully I’ll have them ready in a couple of weeks when i re-open my store.

Btw, I’ll start shipping the haikyuu!! stickers this wednesday!!