i barely know anything about love live but the game is super fun!!

Also random stupid comic that i was planning to upload for cat/dog prompt but i ended up drawing cute hinaken (from previous post)

In which the quality of my doodles decreases slowly

My piece for Hitsu's Madoka Artbook. Thank you so much for invited me to participate! ;////;

The other day I finally got to watch the rebellion movie and I drown in so many kyosaka feels kyosaya makes me really really happy sobs

In the end i ended up crying as always.

Today is 08/19 -> 819 -> ハ1キュ


All i did last week was draw crossdressed boys and sailor fuku


(✪ ᴗ ✪)

how i look vs how i draw meme ??¿¿ ;;;;

friends were doing this so… ;;;

Doodles turned out so lazy this week and whoops runs away into the sunset

Some doodles from this week. Classes start next week, i hope i can draw as much as i’ve been drawing this past weeks. _(:’3」 ∠)_