Will you still be selling HQ!! stickers once your store reopens?

Yep, they will be available again!

Working on some Love Live stickers!! Hopefully I’ll have them ready in a couple of weeks when i re-open my store.

Btw, I’ll start shipping the haikyuu!! stickers this wednesday!!


i bought stickers from you, when will you ship them?

Thank you so much for preordering!!

I’ll start shipping by late september/early october.

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i love kenma sososososososo much

HAPPY KAGEHINA CHUCHU DAY!!! °˖✧°˖◝( ^ω^ )◜˖°✧˖°

Riho Iida (Rin Hoshizora)
~Rin~ Snow Halation
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While I think that everyone’s solo version of Snow Halation is at least good, I think Rin’s version is by far the best. I consider it my #2 Love Live song. You might even say that I think this song is… nyamazing!

drowning in work but still drawing hq!!

Hi everyone!!

I finally decided to open a storenvy and put these HQ!! stickers on sale!!

You can check all the designs and details on my store. The store and the preorders for these will be open for this weekend only (I’ll close this sunday 09/07).

I’m offering these stickers for the moment but I’ll work hard to add more items soon!

Thanks for reading!!